Through a warm personality and a genuine desire to help others,

Corey embodies positivity and joy

in everything he does! His unique vision and perspective on photography allow him to effortlessly capture your moments in a way that is truly heartfelt.


believe in timeless imagery, capturing genuine emotions, and keeping legacies of love alive. It's those images that endure and remind you of love and joy at that time in your beautiful life. I am so humbled and grateful that I get to help preserve LEGACIES.

Growing up I never imagined I was going to find my happy place in capturing wedding days for amazing couples! I was extremely shy and the thought of meeting new people was not appealing to me. Fast forward to now, and I thrive in the atmosphere of a wedding day! I know this is what I was made to do, and I am so thankful.

One thing about me most people don’t know is I am legally blind. Yes, I know. How can you be a photographer and be legally blind?  I don’t understand, but God has put this desire in my heart, and I won’t let anything stop me. 

Why try to blend in, when God created me to STAND OUT!

My blindness is caused by an inherited genetic condition called albinism. You've probably already noticed my white hair and pale skin. This make me easy to spot in a crowd and also use countless tubed of sunscreen on those nice sunny days haha.

When I picked up a camera, I discovered a whole new way to see the world around me. What I couldn't see with my eyes, I was able to see with my camera. I guess you can say the camera has changed the way I view life. Those little details that were once a blur are now able to be seen. 

I guess you can say that photography is more than just what I do, it has become who I am. I get to wake up every day knowing my photos are allowing others to relive those priceless moments for a lifetime. The thought truly is humbling. 


Corey was such a joy to work with! He is super friendly, energized about his work, &
has a true charm.

A true professional in every sense of the word. We thoroughly enjoyed our wedding photos and Corey made it so fun. He’s creative with how he shoots and has great attention to detail. He captured our day perfectly and the detail shots were super sentimental

shannon & rick COFFEE





If I could choose to travel anywhere in the world, I would go to EUROPE!


Coffee is my addiction! It is my partner in crime for long wedding days and late night editing. I like everything from black coffee to cold brew, lattes, and a dirty chai tea!


Music is a huge part of my life. From singing at an early age to playing several instruments, there is not a day without music in my life!


I am an enneagram 2, so helping others is part of who I am. No matter what it is, I am there to help others


I was born with albinism and am legally blind. I have never let my "disability" stop me from dreaming big and chasing those dreams with a heart of determination and smile on my face. I also am the big brother of two awesome sisters!

There are thousands of photographers out there,

but there is only one Corey Johnson

When you hire Corey, you get the best of both professional and personal. His heart of service and joyful personality will make you feel  peacefully relaxed and warmly cared for.

In a world where cameras are so easily accessible, I desire to not just take a photo but to craft a priceless memento to hang on the wall of your home and remind you every day of the legacy of love you are part of. 

For me it is not just a business transaction between client and vendor, it is about a connection that feels like an old friend and a comfort in knowing your moments will be captured in a way that is timeless, genuine, and effortless.

Everyone deserves the chance to pass along legacy worthy images to future generations. My heart is to provide you with those images and most of all, help you celebrate the joy of this exciting chapter in your life. 


My story being a legally blind
wedding photographer

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