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It wont take long for you to find out my heart is full of joy and I can't help but smile.

corey johnson


Fueled by equal parts passion and coffee, I am a warm-hearted guy who finds joy in serving others. I am based in the gorgeous mountains of Asheville, NC, and serve the east coast and beyond. Despite being legally blind and not driving or doing other things, I have always tried to focus on the positive. My parents always told me to follow my heart and go for my dreams. That mentality has helped me get to where I am today! Family and friends mean the world to me.

I feel blessed to have been given so many excellent opportunities and count it an honor and joy every time I get to work with a couple. You can find joy in many things, but helping and serving others is where I find my joy.

BUT Why Wedding Photography?

From an early age, I was always interested in expressing my creativity. No matter if I was sketching, painting, sculpting, singing, playing instruments, etc. I loved getting to create something one of a kind for those I loved. In addition to my creative side, I have always had a passion for serving and giving to others. When I picked up a camera, I knew I would create and serve others in a way I had never imagined before. Wedding photography is not just a job for me; it is a part of who I am. Getting to love and serve my couples brings me so much joy. I never want to take for granted the honor it is to document such a priceless day in a couple's life. Photos hold such meaning to me. They are some of the only things I have left from my great-grandparents. Knowing I get to be a part of preserving a legacy is powerful! 

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katherine & jay

I was so blind throughout the process of planning a wedding, and when I met Corey, we just clicked! After changing the venue at the last minute due to COVID, he agreed to drive to another state to photograph my wedding. The photos he took captured the love of that day, and I still look at them daily. Corey has become a friend of mine, my family, and my friends. Cannot say it enough: thank you Corey!

I can not recommend Corey enough. He has such a kind and caring soul!

more about me

Although I love showing off gorgeous images from the most incredible love stories, I want to share with you more about what makes me uniquely me!

looking past
the photos to see


I was born in N.C., and when I was born, the doctors told my parents I was blind. Later on, they found out I could see some things but was considered legally blind. I have Albinism, which affects the pigment in my hair, skin, and eyes.

just keep singing

Growing up, I was always singing. I took piano when I was younger but quickly became more interested in playing things by ear than learning formal ways to play. Along with singing, I currently play several instruments by ear. Some are the violin, viola, guitar, & Irish flute.


I tell anyone who asks that I drink anything from straight black coffee to the typical white girl pumpkin spice latte. I love it all and have coffee in my hand when I show up on most wedding days. If you love coffee like me, we will be best friends!

Love to travel

When I was 18, I was honored to tour the U.S. and visit all lower 48 states. I just wished I had been into photography back then. My dream is to travel to Europe and sip coffee on the Eiffel Tower. 

Animals are so much fun

I love animals and love when couples bring along their fur babies for engagements or their wedding day. I have a Cavapoo named Kodak, and she is spoiled rotten. 

Serving others brings me joy

I never get tired of being able to help others and serve them in any way I can. Whether it is wiping grass off a bride's feet before her first dance or holding grandma's hand walking to family formals, serving others is a huge part of who I am!

overcome the obstacles

In spite of being legally blind, I have tried to face every challenge and obstacle with a smile on my face and determination in my heart. I don't allow myself to focus on what I can't do, but instead focus on the amazing things God is allowing me to accomplish!

I am more more than just a guy who carries a nice camera and happens to take beautiful photos, I am your cheerleader, your encourager, your helping hand, and most of all, your friend!

My heart of service goes above and beyond the photos and reaches to care for you and your loved ones. I tell my couples once you are a "Corey Johnson" couple, you are stuck with me for life! I want to be there for you both and help capture every milestone of this wonderful thing we call life.

behind the photos


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