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Hey there bride to be! Are you sitting there looking at your screen with thousands of wedding thoughts racing through your head like those shoppers race for doorbusters on Black Friday? If this is you… I GET YOU! As a bride, you have a ton of things to consider, plan, purchase, and nail down about your special day, You have probably dreamed of this moment for a long while and you want to make it PERFECT. You are not alone! Every bride that has ever started a Pinterest board for wedding inspiration has been in this same boat. I am here to give you some advice from a photographers standpoint regarding things to consider before you hire your photographer. 

With having several years and countless weddings under my belt, I have taken the top 4 things to consider and briefly explained a little about each one. While there are so many things to consider when choosing the photographer that will capture your dream wedding day, I wanted to highlight these 4 things for you. I hope these can give you some ideas and help you in the process of choosing your dream wedding photographer.

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  1. Shooting Style Matters

We all have different tastes. It can be music, clothing, brands, or even ice cream. We are all unique and love different things. Whether dark and moody or light and airy…my style 😉 you want to pick a photographer who shoots in the style you absolutely LOVE. Trust me, I use to be the guy who would change my style almost with every shoot. I was changing almost as much as a couch potato changing channels during late-night infomercials. IT WAS BAD. So please take this advice… look through their social media and their website. There you will be able to see a lot of their past work and get a feel for their style. Pick a photographer who you would be thrilled to hang their photos of your special day all over your house, having them on the lock screen of your phone, and someday passing them down to your sweet children or grandchildren. Your wedding photos are more than just a one-time thing, they last forever! Ask yourself one question. Will these pictures still be able to evoke the same emotion and feel of the day 50 years down the road from now when you’re showing your grandkids? If your answer is yes, then you’re on the right track!

  1. Personality Is Key

Have you ever hear of the phrase “don’t force together things that don’t fit?” As I grow older this phrase rings true to me in so many instances in life. I am going to be honest here, as a wedding photographer, I am with the bride way more on her special day than most of her close friends and her groom. It is SO IMPORTANT for you to find a photographer who you “fit with”. Your day should be as stress-free and amazing as it can be. You need a photographer who is like an old friend who can help make your day just that, perfect! I strive to be myself with every couple I am honored to serve and care for. I am a natural-born helper so you will find me helping out in any way I can. From pinning the veil in your hair, making sure your flowers aren’t wet and will leave a mark on your dress, to even helping put on your shoes while the bridesmaids are getting their last-minute makeup touch-ups, I am there for you! That is just how I am wired and how I was raised to treat others with respect and compassion. When you are considering a photographer, read reviews from past brides. Skim past the ones about beautiful pictures and look for the ones that talk about how they felt cared for or how they were made to feel during their special day. Those will speak volumes about the personality of that photographer. 

  1. Priorities, Priorities, Priorities

Your day is ALL ABOUT YOU! Do not let anyone else tell you differently. You have been planning this day for months and it is now time to just savor every moment. I have heard stories of other photographers who bark orders or make their couples feel bad if things aren’t done in the way they want them. A good wedding photographer should be able to take any circumstance and make do with what they are given to provide you with the best quality photos that you will treasure. If your sweet grandma is wanting a quick photo but the timeline says it’s time for couple portraits, do you want a photographer who will turn grandma away so they can sweep you guys off or do you want one who will deal with this circumstance with grace and respect and allow grandma to get her quick (literally 10-15 second) photo with her beautiful granddaughter? My priorities on your wedding day are this…what do you want and that is what I want. Yes, I want to give you those gorgeous photos of you in the beautiful golden light, but if you have things that are more important to you we will focus on those and get some of those gorgeous light photos after we take care of your wants. Make sure your photographer is on the same page and will make your priorities theirs.

  1. Putting A Price On Treasured Memories

Can you really put a price on cherished memories? No, but as a wedding photographer, we have worked for years mastering our skills in documenting those precious moments so they will stand the test of time. I tell people if you go to a fancy restaurant, do you want a chef who just bought a pan and has beige watched food network for the past 24 hours to cook your meal, or do you want a chef who has worked countless hours perfecting his own recipes and has pride in every one of his dishes? If wedding photos mean the world to you, you will want to invest in someone like that skilled chef who can take your day and make it look as good as it can.  PLEASE don’t book someone just because they are cheap. You do get what you pay for. I have had countless ladies tell me they wished they would have invested and got a wedding photographer who knew how to document the day and not just point, shoot, and hope for the best. These are moments that will never be able to be replaced. Hire a professional.

I hope these tips have helped you get a better understanding of what to consider before booking your wedding photographer. I know you have so many things to decide on, but if you would like more information on my wedding photography services I would love to chat and see how I can help you make your special day even more incredible. Click here to fill out my contact form and we can talk about your wedding and all you are planning for this most special day in your life!

You deserve to be loved, served, and all your priceless moments preserved. Never forget that! Also if you are looking for more helpful resources on wedding timelines, click here.

Warmly – Corey


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