Photography Guide for a Biltmore Estate Wedding or Engagement

Gorgeous Biltmore House in Asheville NC

Are you planning a Biltmore Estate wedding or proposal? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Those of you like me love the feel and look of Biltmore Estate. Getting married or getting engaged at the Biltmore Estate is something out of a dream! The estate features rolling hills with magnificent mountain vistas as well as gorgeous architecture that is reminiscent of European aesthetics.

The following guides and tips will help you take advantage of the Biltmore Estate’s best photo opportunities!

Gorgeous Biltmore House in Asheville NC

The Historic Biltmore House

There have been a number of movies, magazines, and websites featuring the Biltmore house. Its stunning architecture and distinct European feel make it the perfect backdrop for photographs! While it is beautiful, it can be very crowded, and it can be challenging to take a photo without others in the background. I have chosen some areas and times that make the most of the magnificent Biltmore House. 

Romantic couple on Biltmore House lawn
Romantic kiss in front of Biltmore House

Pro Tip | Go in the evening close to sunset

It is common for people to spend an entire day at the estate and to visit the house in the middle of the day. Later in the evening, you can time it right and get a shot closer to the house without a crowd, or stand near the end of the lawn (toward the gate end) if you want a gorgeous photo of the full house behind you. For a different view, you can choose to use the upper terrace to get a better viewing angle of the house and the mountains in the background.

Gorgeous Biltmore House in Asheville NC

The Side Walking Paths

There are some gorgeous trees along the path leading to the house that make for some stunning photos! No matter what time of year it is, they provide a wonderful backdrop for some fun walking shots. BONUS TIP If you are looking at the estate, take a look to the left side path as it is typically less crowded and can be better for those beautiful pictures!

Walking along a covered path on the Biltmore Estate
Walking along the covered path to the Biltmore House

Parking Tip

Those staying at one of the hotels on the estate may not be aware of the size of the Biltmore estate. It is actually a good 15 minute drive to the house area from the main Biltmore Inn, depending on traffic. Those staying have access to trolleys, which can transport them around the property, but for those who want to ride in the comfort of their own vehicle, here is a tip! You can only get to the Biltmore House area one way, so be sure to watch for the sign directing you to the destination since there is no way to turn back. If you park in lot A, you can walk along the gravel trail to the upper terrace/lawn. This makes it an ideal place to end or begin a photo shoot. Parking is also available in areas B, C, D, & E, but those are farther from the upper terrace and will take you through the main gates instead. 

Additionally, there is a small parking lot right after you drive through the Biltmore Garden. While parking vacancies in this area can be unpredictable, it is worth a try if you are only interested in visiting the gardens. 

Get close to the house!

The full house can be breathtaking to have as a backdrop, but it can also be generic. You can still get a part of the house while offering a luxurious atmosphere. I love using the two side areas for portraits!

Go Right

In the right hand side of the house are some beautiful potted plants and tall windows with gorgeous stonework! In this area, you may occasionally encounter some noise, but up close to the house, you can capture some beautiful images.

Biltmore House proposal

Go Left

The left side of the house is the most luxurious. On this side, you will find tall stone arches, columns, ornate banisters, and a small fountain. Later in the evening, this area of the Biltmore house tends to get busy with photographers and tourists.

Biltmore Estate Archytecture
Engagement Session at the Biltmore Estate
Gorgeous biltmore house architecture

The Biltmore Arches

I feel like I’m standing in front of a gorgeous European chateau when I see this area! A wheelchair ramp is on the right side arch, but the Biltmore House’s left arch provides a timeless backdrop for your portraits.

Biltmore House arch architecture
Beautiful couples having fun at the Biltmore House in Asheville NC

The Fairytale Castle Look

As you walk through the far left arch, you will reach a covered area with ornate banisters that will make you feel like you are in a fairytale! In my mind, this is a shot of the “welcome to my castle” area of the Biltmore Estate.

Biltmore House Architecture
Biltmore Estate portraits
Biltmore Estate engagement session

The Alcove

The arch and covered area are separated by a corner with steps. In this area, you can take romantic, intimate portraits that will make you feel like you are in a movie!

Romantic portraits at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville NC

Sweeping Mountains of NC

Beautiful as the Biltmore house is, the surrounding mountains are simply breathtaking! There is a terrace to the left of the house that overlooks the mountain ranges. There is no better view of the iconic NC mountains than from the Biltmore Terrace! In addition, the stairways to this area can make for excellent romantic movement shots!

(Tip: if you want romantic shots, go here shortly after sunset when the sun is setting over the mountains). This area is very popular for wedding receptions, so sometimes a tent may be there or a section shut off.

NC Mountains at the Biltmore Estate
Biltmore Estate Engagement on terrace with NC mountains in the background
Fairytale Biltmore Engagement
Mountain view at the Biltmore Estate
Biltmore Estate engagement
Gorgeous photo of a couple walking in front of the Biltmore Estate

Italian Garden

The Italian gardens are located just below the Biltmore House. There are five ponds, several statues, beautiful rock walls with greenery, and some sprawling lawns here. There is one area of the Biltmore Estate where I ALWAYS make sure to do portraits. With its stone ponds and Biltmore house in the distance, this is an absolutely stunning location. If you are planning a wedding at the Biltmore, make sure you get some photos here!

Biltmore House Italian Gardens
Biltmore Estate Italian Gardens
Elegant couple at the Biltmore Estate
Gorgeous bitlmore estate architecture

Wisteria Pergola

As you walk past the Italian Garden and down some stairs, you will come to the beautiful Biltmore Pergola. You feel like you are walking into a Disney fairytale when you walk along this wisteria-covered pathway. Though it tends to be crowded, you can time some photos so there are no guests in the background. 

Romantic engagement photo at the Biltmore in Asheville NC
Biltmore Estate Wisteria Pergola

Tennis Lawn

Following the pergola will lead you down some stairs and onto a path leading to the gardens. Looking left, the pergola in the foreground makes for a gorgeous view of the Biltmore House. The tennis lawn is a small patch of grass that is a perfect spot for a Biltmore wedding. What would it be like to set up tables here with tall candles and fragrant flowers spilling off the tables? This is what dreams are made of!

The historic biltmore estate
Intimate Biltmore Engagement photos
Biltmore house Engagement session with beautiful couple

Biltmore Gardens

You can see beautiful trees and foliage walking down the path from the house to the gardens, but nothing beats the Biltmore gardens in bloom! You feel as if you have been transported to another world when you walk into the gardens! I love the ivy-covered walkway that leads down to the conservatory. You can find everything from tulips and roses to mums and daisies, depending on the season. There is no better place for a Biltmore garden wedding or a Biltmore garden engagement than this area!

Biltmore Estate Gardens
Biltmore Estate Garden engagement
Biltmore Estate gardens
biltmore gardens engagement photos

Garden Conservatory

The large building known as the Garden conservatory can be found at the end of the garden. You’ll feel like you’re in a lush jungle inside this building! With its exotic plants and cascading florals, you can easily lose yourself in its beauty! (Tip- if you travel in the fall or winter, your glasses or camera may fog up due to the temperature inside. This will clear up after a few minutes.)

Biltmore Estate Gardens & Conservatory
Biltmore Garden Engagement in the spring

In Conclusion

No matter how you envision your wedding at the gorgeous Biltmore Estate, or even how you envision your proposal at the beautiful estate, there is never a shortage of gorgeous spots for your photos!

It would be a pleasure to explore Biltmore Estate with you and photograph your love story surrounded by this magical place. Contact me today and let’s talk about making your Biltmore Estate photography dreams come true!

Biltmore Estate Photo Inspiration

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